Events are a great way to raise awareness of a brand, venue or cause.  They are amazing vehicles for a whole range of exhibitors who share a target market to promote themselves and their products and services.  They are fun to attend, they can be as targeted or as generic as you choose and as big or as small as you like.

They also require incredibly large amounts of time, forethought, resource, organisation and planning.  For an event to be truly successful, you want the exhibitors and visitors to leave asking when the next one will be and how can they book (if they haven’t already done so!).

We have experience in providing end to end management of events, from taking the initial brief through to providing on-site management, logistics and overseeing budgets.  We also have the focus to make your event the success you want it to be.  With vast experience in large scale and small local events of B2B and B2C disciplines, we know how to promote, find the perfect venue, entice the right exhibitors, how to look after everyone and ensure your message stays intact.

We are also fabulous at marketing which means that your event gets the best of everything there is to offer.

So, from product launches to family fun days, Spotted Stone has the knowledge, the drive and the experience to ensure your event is a success.